Our commitment to Employee and Industrial Relations

Freemantle is committed to providing a harmonious workplace for all of our employees. We realise that the success of our business depends on the strength, wellbeing and diversity of our people. Additionally, our commitment to developing our workforce enables us to stand out from the crowd by ensuring we always have the right people, with the right skills, working in the right way.

Our people are all highly skilled, experienced, and work safe. To keep them safe we operate a continuous development framework to identify areas of improvement, suitable countermeasures and effective implementation. The foundation of this framework lies on two of our core values: lead by example and continuous improvement.

Our distinctive, “It’s your call”, health, safety and quality initiative engages with our people, and provides a safe, open and transparent process in which they can report any issues or concerns without feeling compromised in any way.

Our commitment to developing our workforce enables us to stand out from the crowd by ensuring we have the right people with the right skills working in the right way. Our trained and competent personnel enable us to provide expert delivery of every job. All of our operatives hold ECS/CSCS cards, are ESR 1 and 2 trained, and are all trained in working in confined spaces. We are committed to investing in training and growing our people and their talent, and as part of our on-going development programme we employ a number of young apprentices.

No resting on our laurels

Our company’s HR experience brings a significant benefit to the business and ensures managers, supervisors and individuals have development pathways in place, allowing them to use our business resources to meet current and future business and personal objectives. This approach, combined with our inimitable talent for creating robust industrial and employee relations is a key part of the strategy that will see us become a first choice mechanical and electrical supplier at Heathrow.

With our dynamic team of project managers, supervisors and skilled operatives we embrace industry best practice in Health and Safety, corporate social responsibility and sustainability: it is our future, as well as those of future generations which we are shaping.

Continually developing our workforce allows us to respond to the diversity of our customer base, project types and areas in which we operate. We’re committed to providing opportunity for everyone who works with us and these opportunities exist in a respectful working environment. Our commitment to diversity touches all of our human resources policies and practices and as well as informing our dealings with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Embracing the world of work

We work pro-actively to develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients and suppliers. We strive to develop diverse and inclusive teams on all of our projects, providing the highest quality of work. We look to our differences to bring a wealth of perspective and this drives our innovative and creative solutions for our clients and improves our understanding for all of our works and projects. Equality is a founding principle for us and we will not discriminate directly or indirectly against any person because of age, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, race, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability (both physical and mental), religion or belief, working patterns, caring responsibilities or trade union membership.