Work Safe, Home Safe – A concept at the heart of all that we do

Health and Safety at work is a priority for us. “Keeping our people and our customers safe” is at the top of our corporate values list for a reason.

Our commitment is expressed via our own Health and Safety initiative: “Work Safe – Home Safe.”
Keeping yourself and others safe at work means that you and they get home to family and friends safely at the end of each working day. Our systems work because ultimately, getting home safe is what we all want to do. By presenting a concept that is relevant and understood the whole business “gets it” and our people see Health and Safety as an integral part of their day, every day.

We don’t overlook the regulations

The fact that we’ve created our own Health and Safety initiative doesn’t mean we’re ignoring any rules, regulations or legislation, far from it. We comply with all current Health and Safety legislation by default. Our initiative allows us to go beyond that, exceeding the reach of regulation and creating a workforce committed to Health and Safety.

Presence matters

Health and Safety isn’t about making a policy document, it’s about doing that and making sure that everyone takes responsibility for Health and Safety, their own and others. To complement our policies, training and practices we’ve created a visual identity for our Work Safe Home Safe initiative. The bold and direct message encapsulated in the campaign logo is seen in and around the workplace, on safety clothing, in e-mails and other areas, giving Health and Safety a constant, front-of-mind presence.

Safety shouldn’t be dictated

In many ways, Health and Safety will always need to be dictated so that everyone knows what is expected, but that’s not enough. It’s not about thoughtless compliance. The root of effective Health and Safety lies with the individual, hence we encourage the highest levels of personal responsibility. At its most basic level, if we each look out for those around us and ourselves, everyone is covered – this simplicity forms the basis of a strong and effective approach.

Promoting health and safety

As part of our Work Safe Home Safe campaign we promote a Health and Safety conscious approach to our staff via a number of training initiatives. We’ve launched a poster campaign to promote Health and Safety throughout the business, which promotes good health and safe behaviours to individuals and groups. It is clear that healthy, fit people are more alert, have greater concentration, less fatigue and are generally more perceptive and aware of danger and potential danger than less healthy people. By helping individuals to recognise and respond to this we help them to play their part in creating a safer environment.

Promoting staff input and information sharing

Health and Safety concerns often get caught up in the negative aspects of “whistle blowing” and people don’t speak up when they should. That’s probably why many companies still have avoidable accidents and injuries. We encourage sharing of information, good and bad. If anyone in the business sees an unsafe practice, a hazard, a bad attitude toward safe working or anything that causes concern they are encouraged to bring that to the attention of the relevant manager.

To facilitate this we have created the ‘It’s your call’ initiative that gives our team an opportunity to identify any health, safety, quality and environmental issues. Issues are noted on our IYC cards, which are reviewed by our senior team with the commitment that every issue raised will be addressed. This also supports our continuous improvement policy, which encourages our teams to identify areas of improvement and work together to implement suitable countermeasures.

An ambitious aim

To measure our success and progress in Health and Safety we set ourselves high standards and targets to achieve. The targets: 100,000 hours without a lost time injury and to be one of the recognised lead mechanical and electrical suppliers at Heathrow in Health and Safety within the workplace, actively demonstrating and providing safety leadership to all of our customers. Working safely is a core value for Freemantle and we pride ourselves on our efforts to work incident and injury free. Our Health and Safety strategy moves us closer to our target of zero for accidents and ill health at work and zero harm to employees, sub-contractors and the people around us. By setting these targets it ensures our teams are focused on, and place, Health and Safety at the forefront of everything we do.”