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As a core value at RL Freemantle we ensure that the Health and Safety of our people and our customers is at the forefront of everything we do, and is our number one priority. Find out more about our views and our own “Work Safe Home Safe” campaign here.

Gaining and maintaining airside access is a hard-won asset of which we are extremely proud. With many airside approved staff in a broad range of disciplines, plus airside driving licences and all related airside insurances, our access to airside facilities is almost unrivalled among suppliers.

There is a mass of electrical, mechanical and engineered equipment and systems landside at Heathrow and we have the permissions and certifications to work in almost any area. And, should there be an area that requires special access permits, we have the training, skills and contacts to obtain them. Wherever a Heathrow project takes you, we can go there.

Airports have many guidelines and working practices in place.  We’ve made it our business to learn about and understand them, which is why we have gained so many approvals, permissions and permits. By commissioning and working with us these valuable and hard to come by assets become available to your projects and undertakings.

Often firms talk the talk on this one, we’re proud to walk the walk! Behind ensuring everyone works in a safe and healthy way, this is where our maximum effort lies: great skills that allow us to focus on and create solid solutions which in turn leads to satisfied clients and repeat business. It’s a cyclic, continual process of implementation, assessment and improvement, applied to all that we do.

We’re proud of our team, recognising the huge contribution they each make to our shared success and we’re happy to say that and they’re proud to be a part of Freemantle. We make a significant investment in our staff. With programmes of on-going training, peer-to-peer development and participation in a wealth of specialist and professional development courses we’re helping our people to be the best they can be.

When Industrial Relations are poor everything suffers, quality, service, reputation, everything. We avoid those issues by maintaining excellent Industrial Relations both within and outside of the business. Our team and our individual employees have a voice and are listened to. Unlike many other organisations we don’t have a “them and us” vibe, there’s just “us”, a team of like-minded people all working toward the same objectives. That makes for a powerful and reliable resource.  Read more.

We are up-to-date with, and compliant to, all current and applicable legislation in our industry and relating to our specific disciplines. At the same time we work to our own very high standards and practices, many of which go beyond the standards demanded by legislation. We are members of and/or accredited by many trade bodies and organisations and you can find more about our accreditations and professional associations at our about page.

From electrical surveys and design, through installation to test, inspection and commissioning. From bespoke turnkey projects to routine, proactive and responsive maintenance, our skilled and experienced specialists work to incredibly high standards with a particular emphasis on safe working practices. If you need electrical condition reports, cable installation and management, test and inspection work, emergency lighting or lighting power reductions, reactive or tailored maintenance, management systems and process controls or any other electrical work call us on 020 8564 8217 or drop us a line to learn how we can help you reach a successful outcome, on time and in budget.

To support our electrical discipline we can deliver mechanical expertise to offer a one stop electrical and mechanical service. Our team is trained in hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and control systems to ensure all our customers’ needs are met.

The links between electrical, mechanical, engineering and HVAC are very close at Heathrow and many projects require a comprehensive skill set and integrated skills management to bring a project to fruition. Our engineers regularly work alongside, and independently, of our electricians and mechanics, which brings excellent work-flow and progression to our projects. From making bespoke replacement parts and carrying out repairs, through climate surveys and climate control installation to proactive and reactive maintenance and repair we can meet all of your engineering and HVAC needs.

As a result of our policy of continual improvement we have developed an enviable range of specialist skills. In relation to work at Heathrow our confined space skills provide a good example. Work in confined spaces is restricted to those with recognised training and qualifications. These are time consuming and costly to obtain, but many of our team are certified for work in confined spaces, which makes us more useful to our clients as we can take on a wide variety of projects without having to outsource specialist skills. Other specialist skills and knowledge are not limited to, but would include: electrical safety regulations (ESR); site safety supervisor training scheme (SSSTS); authorised person (AP), all of which can be applied to your projects where relevant.

For a quick overview of some of our typical Heathrow projects look at our project summary “hot-spots”. If you would like more information visit our case studies page where you will find information on projects at Heathrow, as well as others relating to work outside of Heathrow.

We hope that having learned a little more about us here you feel we have the ability to help with your next Heathrow project. To find out more or set the ball rolling on an initial consultation or quotation please call us on 020 8564 8217, or use our contact page to identify and contact an individual who can help you.

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