Freemantle Projects Ltd provides a complete end-to-end service including bespoke or repeat design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and ongoing service. We carry out all critical processes on-site, training, design, and installation. 

Our approach results in a seamless and rapid service with no handover issues or supplier delays. Our methods ensure quality, coordination, and cost are all kept under control and result in trouble-free lifetime design and builds for all our clients. 

Our highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers allow us to provide support that effectively ensures our Airside projects and works are resilient to failure, thus ensuring any operational downtime is kept to a minimum.

As approved NICEIC contractors, we are dedicated to working within strict Health and Safety, Environmental, and Quality guidelines. We provide a safe, first-class service and ensure complete compliance with industry standards and legislation.

At Heathrow Airport we are approved by CMO to raise permits, complete designs to HAL Standards and complete installations under HAL ESR Rules and Regulations. 

We develop and design bespoke fire safety systems for lithium battery and electric vehicle charging, to ensure automated alarms are raised to the Fire Service, Automated Power Isolations and Automated Asset Protection in the event of thermal runaway.