EV Charging Infrastructures

Fuelling Greener Roads

We are an Electrical Installation Contractor creating innovation and energy-saving solutions within our consultancy, design, installation testing, and commissioning services. 

We look to provide measured carbon footprint Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures which detail how many kw of electricity needs to be utilised by electric vehicles before the carbon footprint becomes a saving from ICE vehicles to EVs. 

We offer building load demand and power validation services for future EV charging infrastructure. We consult for commercial and industrial buildings to save energy and provide clean UPS battery solutions for building essential systems and EV charging. With 15 years of experience and 2,000 installations at Heathrow Airport, we prioritise safety and deliver high-quality installations within budget and on schedule. 

We aim to reduce existing commercial and industrial buildings’ carbon footprint and utilise the electricity savings to provide spare power to then utilise for electric vehicle charging infrastructures. By removing as much high carbon footprint building and civils works and utilising above-ground pre-built EVCP modular systems. 

The higher the carbon footprint is to create an EVCP (electric vehicle charging project) the more an electric vehicle needs to charge to make the higher carbon footprint reduce.  It is only when that carbon footprint is reduced that it starts to produce carbon footprint savings against ICE vehicles (Internal Combustion Engine), and only then help save the planet.

We can produce a Carbon Footprint Valuation as per the M£ calculator, to show how many kw of charging is required to become completely carbon footprint-free. 

We also have a selection of EV chargers & accessories which we can sell directly. 

Carbon and CO2 emissions are a huge problem for our environment, and every vehicle on the road using petrol and diesel is contributing to it. That’s why there has been such a push to cut carbon footprints over the last few years, and why the UK government is banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles shortly.  

Switching to an electric vehicle can reduce your CO2 emissions by over 50%, making you a big part of the solution.  And with costs for the ultra-low and zero emissions zones only going up, there has never been a better time to get on board with Team Green. Our experts are dedicated to making a difference in the environment and helping you do the same.  

Freemantle Projects has partnered with several manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best EV charge point solutions for each of our customers. We are NICEIC and ECA registered, so we can help you source and install your car charging point, no matter where you are. We install all types of electric vehicle car charging points to suit all models of electric cars and vans – including Type 1 and Type 2 charge points.  

Our simple, smart EV charging service provides you with everything you need, from initial consultancy and surveys to full installation and regular maintenance, support, and project management. 

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