Consultancy & Design

Comprehensive solutions that meet your needs

Our Consultancy & Design services aim to provide the perfect solution for your business needs, by offering expert advice, strategic planning, and innovative design. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our experienced team will work closely with you to identify your business requirements and tailor a solution to meet those requirements.  By taking a collaborative approach, we ensure that our solutions address your business’s unique challenges and opportunities. We understand that each business is unique, which is why we specialise in providing customised solutions for our clients. 

Our design team has a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of how design can impact brand perception and customer experience.  Our design team will work with you to create a unique and professional design for your business that will stand out from the competition. 

Whether you need help with short-term or long-term planning, our consultancy services can provide the insights and guidance you need to make informed decisions. 

Our consultancy services cover a range of areas such as business strategy, financial planning, and marketing.  We believe every business has the potential to succeed, and our mission is to help our clients unlock that potential.  

Let us help you take your business to the next level with our Consultancy & Design services.  Contact us today to learn how Consultancy & Design can help you achieve your business goals.

We are fully compliant with our duties as Principal Designer and/or Principal Contractor of the CDM Regulations 2015. 

How Freemantle projects can help you...

Why Consultation is so important! 

Office or on-site engagement with our clients is really important so that we can review all of the constraints and risks that relate to the specific location, products or equipment. This enables us to provide accurate solutions for efficient design and installation, including quality projects delivered on time and to budget. 


Are there any innovation requirements we can help with that provide energy & carbon footprint savings?  

If high costs are an issue we can consider alternative directions for the project so that it can still be completed whilst providing those cost savings. 


Why complete surveys when I can guess? 

Site surveys are essential to fully understand the extent of the intended works and to develop initial designs for review and approval. 

This may include cable duct and pit surveys, lux level surveys, electrical source of supply and distribution surveys, load demand & spare power validations, and GPR or topological surveys to ensure that all design and installation constraints and risks are covered. 

We don’t need a design….. do we? 

Design is critical to the development of any project and ensures standards and compliance are always achievedThis also ensures the client is involved in the approvals process. 

Design for vehicle infrastructure, civils, and electrical installations can be developed under RIBA which follows basic initial designs for review, approved designs for construction, and final costings and built designs once all the works are completed

Site safety construction design layouts will also be developed and approved with potential phases of work, together with the client, to ensure minimal disruption to normal operations is achieved


Why follow Health & Safety? 

Ensuring our workforce and the public always remain safe is of the utmost importance to us. 

We make sure that our team always completes the specific training and has obtained the skills required to complete the intended work. 

As a business following CDM15 Principal Contractor and Principal Designer roles, implementing regular toolbox talks and inductions means we are always leading the way forward for health and safety. 

Our method statements and risk assessments go hand in hand with our POWRAs and Planned Control Measures to make sure that each work activity has been assessed and approved to proceed before any work commences. 

Completing regular H&S inspections is paramount to our safety standards and compliance. 


Project Management is an extra cost we don’t need…. do we? 

Project Management covers many different parts of any project making sure all the different elements fit together in an organised and precise way. 

We like to be involved in the early stages of design and approvals processes so that we can look to developing procurement timelines and delivery programs in line with any specialist equipment or plant that needs to be installed on-site in a particular way. 

Labour management including qualifications, health & safety, inductions, permits to work, access or isolations of supply will all be covered and daily activity reports provided

Waste management, stock control, PPE, and hire plant certification all come under our project management system to ensure that compliance is met and our sites are always safe. 

Any changes to approved designs have red pen updates completed and are provided to our design team for approval. 

Installation is the easy part? 

All our installations follow the approved designs, but in the event of any changes in design requirements, these are first reviewed and approved, before those changes in design-related works can be completed

Depending on the delivery program, the site safety construction would be installed 1st followed by welfare facilities; this does depend on each site requirement. 

All civil works follow the GPR and topological survey reports and approvals to the digging process and require CAT scanning before works are started.  There may also be areas where services exist and vacuum excavation is required together with hand digging only. 

A banksman will be required for every digging or machinery work on-site at all times, any lifting will require a lifting plan, safety boundaries, and compliant lifting equipment and operators. 

Once the civil works are completed then vehicle infrastructure, line painting, safety bollards and signage can be installed followed by any modular systems, electrical installations and GSE / EV chargers or equipment. 

Any isolations of source of supplies will be completed in line with the owner’s regulations and permit approvals process ensuring all Engineers are competent to complete those works. 

Full testing of BS7671 will also be completed

We also provide PAT testing & Thermal imaging testing depending on the client’s requirements. 

Who needs certification? 

As a NICEIC approved contractor, we provide a responsible service to inspect and test any existing or new installation and provide the reports and results back to the asset owner/client. 

Some existing installations’ such as critical FAIL inspections and testing may requirelock offisolation if deemed unsafe to stay live; however, we work together with the asset owners/clients to repair and resolve the fault and obtain a PASS inspection and test result to enable it to be safe and return to normal operations as soon as possible. 


We don’t need training… do we? 

Our clients may have their maintenance team or operators of the equipment but are unsure how to complete the normal operations or maintenance in line with their requirements or warranties.  We provide full user training to ensure that these requirements are met and also user training toolbox talks and inductions are completed in line with the O&M manuals as required. 

Will handovers be required? 

Once the installation has been completed any red pen-approved changes to the design will be updated into anas builtdesign version and provided to the client directly or onto the appropriate Documentum/Portal system for review and approvals. 

We complete full asset integration utilising the asset register and installation of any asset labels on-site. 

Schedules installed.  

P9 as-built design drawings following on from any red pen updated approved designs  

O&M manuals specific to the project and also any warranty details and servicing and maintenance procedures/plan schedules/specific test equipment will be included/ 


Why do we need to have servicing & maintenance when it is new equipment? 

We complete specific servicing and maintenance in line with warranty or safety requirements thus providing longer life, status reports, and certifications. 

This can either be conducted through a long contract plan basis or short-term contract basis and include a spare parts stock/replacement parts purchase order agreement 


Do we need reactive support when we can deal with any failures or faults in the morning?  

We provide a dedicated contact number where we provide 24/7 contracted support as required under specific contract agreements.  We cover whichever time frames are required to ensure that your business continues to operate and any disruption to normal operations is kept to a minimum

Below are some of the problems, risks & dangers we have discovered in the past because standards or compliance have not been followed...