Case Studies

Executive Case studies

Below is a selection of brief project case studies for some of our work at Heathrow Airport, and others show-casing work outside the Airport, click on an image to read more. For more information and enquires please contact us!

Airport Case Studies


We look, think and act on things that may be separate from the job at hand. That doesn’t distract us from what we’re doing, it simply means that if we see something that is or may become a problem, we do something about it. For example, when working on the stillages we saw damage being caused to the stillage skirt by tug vehicles transporting containers (ULDs) to and from the stillage. 

This damage had several negative knock-on effects. Structural damage was causing misalignment of proximity sensors, leading to failure and downtime. We reported this to our client and subsequently created and installed bespoke “roll-on/roll-off” barriers to eliminate the effects of tug impact and thereby remove other problems tug collisions had been causing, thus saving time and money. 
By examining the stillages and related devices we identified and resolved other issues such as design and robustness failure in lift gate safety locks. We eradicated troublesome PLC controllers and replaced them with simpler, more effective and lower maintenance relay devices meaning that future faults can be dealt with more quickly by a wider range of engineers. 
ULD lids flapping in the wind was a constant source of damage to lighting, which made the workplace unsafe. Our remedy involved relocating the fitting to the undercarriage of the unit where they would become naturally protected by the surrounding superstructure. We always aim to improve and enhance the work environment while avoiding unnecessary complexity.  

Contact payment systems for EV charging made simple

Design, supply & installation of the electrical infrastructure & EV charger which includes contactless payment solutions for the Marriott Hotel at Heathrow.

Full infrastructure design & installation for EV charging project

We completed full design & installation works for an EV charging infrastructure project where the DNO supply was being installed at a later date.

Working airside replacing Passenger Information Display Systems

We completed a 2 year project replacing the existing passenger signage with a new PIDS (Passenger Information Display System) system.  Complete passenger safety at all times was paramount.  We ensured our equipment, tools and waste management was implemented every shift.  Working Airside involves complex processes, including Permits to Work, Health & Safety, installation’s to design, standards and complaince.

American Airlines

Staff accommodation unit

Freemantle Projects Ltd is a Mechanical and Electrical Service provider based in the UK with a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality works, to budget and on time, without ever compromising on safety or quality. 

Heathrow Airport

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC)

This Electric Vehicle Charging project was commissioned by Mitie and design approved by Heathrow Airport. We were assigned the task of introducing EVC units, airside at Heathrow and took the project from inception to completion, defining new Heathrow Standards along the way.


Store fit-out

Our reputation for high quality work, our comprehensive range of skills and services, and our array of Heathrow Airport knowledge and skills led P&A Shop Fitting to commission us to work on this prestigious fit-out project for luxury goods retailer, Hermès.

Heathrow Airport

JEDI control tower and matrix signage

We were selected by Dyer and Butler, Heathrow Airport Limited and British Airways to carry out work on this extensive, operation critical, JEDI control tower and matrix signage project on the runways of Heathrow Terminal 5.

Heathrow Airport

T1 and T3 service subway upgrades

We were awarded this essential works project by Mitie Technical Facilities and Heathrow Airport Limited as a result of our proven track record for first-class workmanship, timeliness, budget control, safety and meeting or exceeding client expectations. Our certified, specialist “confined spaces” skills set was of particular importance and we are proud to have a high number of skilled personnel, trained and qualified in the areas of expertise required to meet our clients’ needs.

British Airways

T3IB – British Airways accommodation fit out

Aware of our reputation for quality works in and around Heathrow, Norland Managed Services were keen for our team to handle this project, which demanded the creation of seven functional work and rest areas to meet the needs of staff operating and working in the new T3 baggage facility.

New baggage systems electrical supplies T3


We completed the initial part of this on-going contract, which has involved us in installing ladder racking through an internal 200m length of the T3 EBH and the installation of 12, 120mm four-core armoured cables and six 120mm CPCs.

We have completed the initial part of this on-going contract, which has involved us in installing ladder racking through an internal 200m length of the T3 EBH and the installation of 12, 120mm four-core armoured cables and six 120mm CPCs.

We have disconnected four cables running from LV29 HBS to original baggage supplies and installed four of the new cables into T3 EBH 1 new baggage panel. All supplies have been tested and inspected.

This project involves many high standards of installation, including following detailed designs while implementing equipment and labour to meet the objectives of the work – all the while maintaining the high Health and Safety standards that we always aim to achieve.

We are involved in NABs, DABs, monthly and five week ahead meetings and are also involved in ATP requests and isolations. In addition, we will be involved in the future refurbishment of the remaining areas inside EBH and surrounding areas.

Testing and inspection BS7671


We have been completing testing and inspection BS7671 across landside and airside assets since 2011 to the present day, under ESR Mod 1 & 2 regulations. When we took over testing and inspection in 2011 we found very few records of previous testing and limited information about the assets. 

By carrying out a thorough pre-inspection, we established the location and nature of each asset and came to understand all of the access issues we would encounter, all invaluable information in supporting effective ongoing maintenance, test and inspection.

As part of this initial inspection process we also completed thermal imaging of assets, which quickly highlighted any problem areas that would demand priority testing. With regard to any unsatisfactory test certificates, we find that information is critical in carrying out fault diagnosis – and in relation to understanding and costing any follow-on works – which is why we go that extra mile to ensure we know as much as we can about any existing installation. We also complete confined space and hazardous areas testing and inspection, both invaluable services within an airport environment.

With this firm and up-to-date knowledge of the on-site assets we formulated a five-year plan that allows us to flow through a cycle of works that ensures each asset is checked within a defined timeframe. This plan also ensures that time, workforce and budgets are spread evenly throughout the period to provide, as far as possible, consistent use of resources year to year.

As a NICEIC member for domestic, commercial and industrial works we are always looking to make sure that the end-user/operator is always in a safe environment and to achieve this we are always going that bit further to check and cross check that all installations are compliant with current BS7671 regulations.

Stillage work


Location: Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Stillages are key functional storage facilities for baggage containers, called ULDs, which are distributed across one to three floors using a hydraulic lift system. To ensure continual operation these areas require both reactive 24-hour cover and pro-active mechanical and electrical installation, maintenance and fault repairs.

Working to specific time schedules we also complete LOLER/PUWER, structural, mechanical and LV electrical checks to keep operations at Heathrow Airport rolling.

To further ensure things keep moving we operate a mission critical “On Call” reactive process that enables us to attend and complete fault repairs as soon as we get the call.

All our engineers are ESR Mod 1 & 2 qualified and HAL compliant. Our local operating yard and stores combine with our fleet of airside vehicles and five years experience at Heathrow to make us second to none when it comes to responsiveness, capability and experience.

Our refurbishment of these facilities also plays its part in protecting our environment and reducing power costs via the installation of energy saving LED lighting. In turn the improved illumination levels also help to keep people safe. Safety is critically important to us and we are always thinking ahead and looking at ways to apply the highest standards in Health and Safety. Using the latest technology alongside traditional skills and training we ensure all our engineers and the baggage operators working in these areas are safe.

Stillage full can store


Location: Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Having carried out an initial survey of CP 19 several serious issues were exposed. We found that the emergency lights were not energizing correctly which could prevent their proper and essential operation in an emergency situation. In addition, the aging fluorescent lighting units were allowing the ingress of water into the light fittings themselves.

We also identified that during everyday use of the facility, damage was being done to the control cables for the emergency stops that de-activated the roller beds. As well as interfering with the proper functioning of emergency systems, this damage was causing delays with baggage operations.

In resolving these issues we have installed new LED light fittings with IP rated enclosures that are activated by photo-cell operation and linked back to a new lighting control panel. We also installed copex protection for the emergency stops throughout the entire roller bed layout. This improvement now prevents the damage previously caused by daily operations and ensures those operations can continue unhindered.

To ensure the on-going functionality of these improvements and to identify any necessary repairs we complete scheduled electrical and mechanical operation checks every three months, as well as making regular drive by observations.

Tunnel link road to T4, CP24


In 2011 the existing cargo tunnel lighting was in need of temporary replacement which, in itself, had to be of sufficient quality to perform for the duration of the full refurbishment program.

Thorn lighting provided a design that incorporated a UPS electrical back-up supply which, in the event of power failure, would ensure emergency lighting was provided for escape purposes.

We completed this work at night and were involved in the traffic management for tunnel diversions that would allow the work to progress. We completed this work under ESR Mod 1 & 2 regulations and have also completed regular maintenance pro-active light fitting cleaning, lamp replacements, light repairs and BS7671 testing and inspection of this lighting system.

We completed this work under high standards of Health and Safety using appropriate PPE, masks, access and waste removal equipment that enabled us to conclude the works with a zero RIDOR report.

High end residential refurbishment

Location: Central London

Internal refurbishment of this high-end residential property was designed to the precise requirements of this media ambassador. The scope included the design, construction, installation and certification of the structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical, disabled access and landscaping requirements, from inception to completion.